Video Premiere: The Weak Days – ‘Postscript’

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“So what happens if you forgive yourself?” It’s a hard question to begin to process when you’re carrying emotions like shame and guilt. But the sooner you ask yourself questions like this, the sooner you allow yourself to heal.

As singer and drummer Dustin Reinink explains, “Postscript was written between the year of recording and releasing ‘TIGHT’; it was brought on by my therapist asking me to write about how I was feeling, as if that hadn’t been what I was doing for all the years BEFORE therapy. She asked me about a lot of things, a huge friend break up and falling out I had with most of my friends, a huge break up with someone I was dating for a very long time, and then what would happen, that if at the end of all of it I forgave myself. This song is kind of a meditation, both lyrically and musically, on that idea.”

The song carries the weight of these feelings as it builds and slows before getting to the answer: “everything is tight, you deserve to hear / everything is tight, you deserve to be here.”

The video, shot by Conor Kincade at the beach before Fest 19, carries a sense of calm with it as it mixes shots of the band with found 8mm footage.

Watch it below:

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Lindsy Carrasquillo | @lindsy_carr

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