Video Premiere: The Brokedowns — “Obey the Fumes”

Posted: by The Editor

“I’m too scared to leave my house / so I listen to The Brokedowns” is a refrain most of our readers should be familiar with, even if you’ve never heard the Chicago punks themselves. If that’s the case, though, we’ve got news for you: The Brokedowns are one of the most fun bands in punk rock today, and if you don’t know why, look no further than “Obey the Fumes.”

The band shares:

We were hired by an ad agency representing Dow Chemical to write a jingle for their new contact cement which will be marketed directly as an inhalant.  They wanted a fun “work hard, play hard” concept, but instead were met with a satirical take on how complicated it is to break bad habits in a dystopian hellscape that doesn’t leave you many options.  So they rejected our offering.  We were able to keep the $25M budget they gave us and poured it all into this video.

The band’s first song in five years, “Obey the Fumes” is a minute and a half of Fest-ready gruffness. It’s the first single off the band’s upcoming Maximum Khaki, and it embodies the band’s tongue-in-cheek, never-too-serious style. Check that out below.

Maximum Khaki comes out January 20th on Red Scare Industries, and they’re celebrating with a record release show on the 28th.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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