Video Premiere: Suntitle – “Somo”

Posted: by The Editor

Suntitle’s In a Dream, which came out last month, is an engaging and eclectic record, touching on elements of punk, 90s alternative, hardcore, and emo. It’s a tight 30 minutes that packs in loads of textures, hooks, and tasteful guitar work. We’re psyched to premiere the video for “Somo”—a ripping tune and one of the album’s high points. The video finds the band rocking out in front of a green screen showing bizarre and sometimes destructive footage. The whole thing has a 90s VHS vibe that matches the feel of the record.

“The ‘Somo’ music video was very fun to make,” singer and guitarist Joe McGarvey said. “We started with the vision to take ourselves a bit more seriously and used filming techniques that show that, but at the end of it…we sort of said fuck it and kept the In a Dream aesthetic. Life is random, life is beautiful. Try not to take yourself so seriously that you stop having fun.”

Check out the video below and swing over to Know Hope Records for merch.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

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