Video Premiere: Sound Of A Smirk – “Parasomnia”

Posted: by The Editor

Parasomnia is the newest single by the New York based rock band, Sound Of A Smirk. The fast paced track’s instrumentals dip and swell around driving guitars the center around the track’s personal, impassioned lyrics.

The band’s vocalist/guitarist, Jesse Tepper, shares, “The video idea for Parasomnia actually started as a joke for us, something ridiculous that our drummer came up with. After talking and passing it around, the plan became a fun and surreal way to analogously explain the “sleepwalking through life” meaning. We tried to have as much fun as possible in the video while still making sure it had a tinge of a serious tone to match the song. We’re really happy with how the song came out and we’re hoping people watch, listen, and enjoy it as much as we loved making it.”

You can watch the video below:

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