Video Premiere: Rip Room – “Worth Repeating”

Posted: by The Editor

Rip Room’s been waiting a while to let Alight & Resound loose into the world. They originally recorded the LP back in 2019, but held off on release due to the pandemic. They recorded it with Tim Green of Nation of Ulysses fame, and they’re a fair comparison for Rip Room’s noisy, Dischord-inspired post-hardcore.

“Shot in the midst of the pandemic, we found ourselves in a clandestine location with a rough plan and more than a few worries. The song is about the world falling apart, so it felt right to shoot in the woods — ominous and sinister, but maybe the safest place to be. By the end of a long evening, our director (and dear friend Josh Johnson) had captured the weird energy that had been following us the past year and, in retrospect, shooting the video provided some much-needed momentum during a dark time,” said vocalist/guitarist John Reed.

Check out the video below.

Alight & Resound is out May 27 via Spartan Records.


Zac Djamoos / @gr8whitebison

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