Video Premiere: Photo Fire – “Careful Now”

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Without hesitation, St. Petersburg, Fla. natives Photo Fire are ready to share their new single, “Careful Now.” The track was born long before their debut LP, Over & Over / Frame by Frame, but with iteration and synthesis, the indie rock outfit has shaped a gorgeous catharsis for anxiety.

The single from their upcoming sophomore LP comes with a matching music video developed by artist Aira Joana. Check it out below:

“Careful Now” is layered with ebbing vocals that stretch from hushed to yearning, matched by pulsating drum synths. It’s the audio translation of raw emotions, vibrating in the same manner as clenched and unclenched fists.

In many ways, the accompanying video is soothing in how some meditative clips for anxiety provide, conveying the feelings of entrapment until the protagonist’s own release. Aira’s attention to the song in the art perfectly matches the tone of Photo Fire’s brilliant release.

“Careful Now” is a tease for the entire mood of LP2, from the experimental ambient energy to the creative dives into sound. They’ve embraced striking guitar tones, rolling drum loops, and tightly applied vocal tuning to reflect the range of influences each band member brings in. The exploratory attitude of “Careful Now” signals the band’s shift toward the latest wave of indie pop with emphasis on their bold, curious nature.

Stay tuned for the LP name announcement and additional singles from Photo Fire.

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Amanda Starling // @StarlingAj

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