Video Premiere: PÆRISH – “Journey of the Prairie King”

Posted: by The Editor

PÆRISH’s sophomore LP, Fixed It All, feels like a nice throwback to the grunge revival of about a decade ago. It’d fit right in alongside albums like Superheaven’s Jar or Basement’s Colour Me in Kindness with a bit more emphasis on shoegazey space and texture and poppier hooks. It’s a bit of a 2021 answer to that sound, if you will.

But in any case, it’s really good. If you’re still not sold, we’re premiering the video for “Journey of the Prairie King,” one of the best cuts off the album, right here. It’s got enough crunch to get your attention and enough melody to keep it, I promise.

Fixed It All is out now via SideOneDummy.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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