Video Premiere: Nonnsha — ‘Are You Ever Coming Back?’

Posted: by The Editor

Nonnsha, the recording alias of Shannon Simbulan, makes sparse bedroom pop (these songs were ACTUALLY recorded on a bedroom floor) that’s both vulnerable and sincere, and we’re stoked to be premiering the music video for the title track off Nonnsha’s excellent LP, Are You Ever Coming Back?, which is being re-issued by our pals over at Near Mint on July 5th. Listening to the music of Nonnsha is like getting swept up in a melancholic daydream, with woozy keyboards and pulsating drum patterns from a cheap keyboard laying the foundation for her hypnotic and otherworldly vocals to gently float above.

Her music can have a profound effect on you—on “Are You Ever Coming Back?” she sings “I’m scared of losing what seems to be love / I’m so sure that it was love / How is it done,?” her fragile voice rarely rising above a murmur. There’s an almost adolescent quality to the song, there’s a certain nostalgia and claustrophobia to it that’s unmistakable—it’s like spending an hour in a stranger’s childhood bedroom and trying to piece together their life through diary entries and posters on their wall. The accompanying visuals, which were directed and edited by Lonny Starsky of The Acid Flashback At Nightmare Beach, share the same lo-fi aesthetics of the song, with splashes of light flickering in and out of the frame in a beautiful disarray of colors.

Are You Ever Coming Back? is available to pre-order on cassette via Near Mint


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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