Video Premiere: niiice. – “Caffeine”

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Half nature vlog half psychedelic trip, Minneapolis trio niiice.’s video for their newest song “Caffeine.” is anything but unstimulating. The group’s first release since they dropped the (fantastic) Never Better EP in March of this year, “Caffeine.” sees a more expansive side of niiice. as the song swings through multiple tempo changes and lands itself in a psych rock rampage that careens to a halt on a high note.

Shot by Beck Slack, the video shows a landscape of Oklahoma, Missouri, and Iowa with (literally) rose colored frames, dreamily hazing in and out of focus with the swing of the song. Vocalist Roddie lays in a field of flowers while singing lyrics that fans of the group will know are particularly on brand like  “I just wish I could remember what the fuck I was just saying / That’s been happenin’ a lot more lately / But I could probably hit that one more time.” It’s a showcase of a softer edge of the group’s sound, but one that still has screams as vocal padding.

This song will be available tomorrow, June 20, on a split with fellow Minneapolis group Gully Boys.

Check out their new video below:

Pretty sick right? You can listen to their last EP, Never Better, over on their Bandcamp.

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Olivia Keasling | @shutup_olivia

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