Video Premiere: Nectar – ‘Ponytail’

Posted: by The Editor

Nectar has a way of making you feel firmly in the present while also letting the past seep gently into your ears. The Champaign, Illinois, band are artisans when it comes to mixing indie punk with elements of power pop and twee, and the single “Ponytail” from their upcoming album No Shadow proves that while also showing how the band has grown since their 2018 debut Knocking at the Door. 

I know that Nectar did not make the video for “Ponytail” for me, but the suckerpunch of nostalgia hit me right in the heart in such a specific way that it feels like they did. The video was filmed using a VHS camera, with all the texture and glitches that come with it fitting perfectly with the lyrics about missing the childhood we had and “lamenting over the memories we miss when we are unable to be with family” according to songwriter Kamila Glowacki. The scenes of Champaign, Illinois, feel especially personal to me, but even if you don’t have close family there the videography has such a layer of faded memories painted over it that anyone will feel like they are watching home movies and wishing they could hit rewind on their lives for just a moment.


No Shadow is out May 13 through Lauren Records.


Jami Fowler | @audiocurio

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