Video Premiere: Mush – “Shirt”

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Mush is the supergroup of members and ex-members of Illinois rock bands such as Retirement Party, Dowsing, and Lettering. With both emo and pop punk influences, these five superstars of the Chicago scene released their debut full-length entitled. Thank You, We’re Mush. Personally, it is one of my favorite records of the year and I enjoyed every song off of it. However, one which caught my attention explicitly was the song “Shirt.” Luckily for me, and with the help of the directing of Emulsion Lab, that is the exact song Mush is premiering a music video for.

After the first few scenes of this video, I have to first say that I wish the weather was this nice during my trip two weeks ago, but that’s besides the point. Pop-punk has always had a talent of projecting loud, often melancholic phrases with positive summer-y vibes. Mush is no stranger to this, and epitomizes it with bright and sunny backgrounds to contrast their darker lyrics.

The gist of this video is that Erik Czaja from Dowsing, Pet Symmetry, and now Mush, gets absolutely rocked while wearing a t-shirt “with a sick design.” The director themselves said

“….we’ve worked on several videos with these guys in projects outside of Mush and as always everyone was down for anything. Including poor Erik baking in the sun and getting knocked around the whole day, even after completely throwing out his back bringing amps to our location like an hour before shooting.”  Both the band and this video emulate the goofiness that has been missing from DIY for a good minute.

Below you can watch the video for Mush’s song “Shirt,” and see the sick design for yourself!

Also be sure to catch Mush on their tour at the following dates!
8/22 Cudahy, Wi at X-Ray Arcade w/Telethon & Direct Hit
8/23 Chicago, IL at Beat Kitchen w/Lili Trifilio & Jupiter Styles
8/24 Kalamazoo, MI at Mute City
8/25 Akron, OH at Kling Thing

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Jordi Perbtani | @Halo2Remastered

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