Video Premiere: Molly O’Malley – “that scares me!!!!!”

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Molly O’Malley, crafter of dynamic sounds and emotionally heavy pop, is back with her new music video for her single “that scares me!!!!!”. The single, off of her fall release There’s Always More Show, captures the essence of her truly raw and intimate EP. The steady chord-driven track unveils a sonic feeling of a cautious, balanced steady fall into opening up and falling in the love.

Check out the video below:

To match her steady, ease-into-love song, “that scares me!!!!!” chronicles a series of home video-style moments of Molly with her partner. The video, filmed by Molly herself with the help of Elliott Williams, showcases her artistry, vulnerability, and of course, budding relationship. The moments of performance are perfectly juxtaposed with the moments of intimacy, which works as a balance to not just the music itself but Molly herself. The sort of moments tucked in, from sipping coffee to sharing laughs in front of the lens, show the softer side of a relationship that revels in its comfort.

Molly has mastered showing her talents as much as her true self within the space of a camera phone, a sure sign of what sort of adventures we’ll follow her on this year.

Be sure to catch Molly O’Malley on tour this winter through the Midwest. Check out the dates below:

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