Video Premiere: Messing – “Disjointed”

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Messing’s got it. Their new single “Disjointed,” the first single from the band’s debut LP Couldn’t Be Better, is a rollicking, bouncy alt-rock track that feels like it pulls from the whimsy of ’90s titans like Third Eye Blind or Fastball tossed in a blender with a helping of Car Seat Headrest’s quirked up indie rock thrown in for good measure. It’s a blast.

Vocalist Mac Hunt shares

“Disjointed” is the follow up to our single, “Trashcans.” They are both songs that focus on the shitty partying aspects of living in a punk/show house. While “Trashcans” focused on the fun, juvenile aspects of that life, “Disjointed” talks more about growing up and realizing the beautiful disaster of living in a house full of bands. It is an incredible moment some people get to experience, but its not sustainable, and “Disjointed” expresses both the love of those moments and the frustrations of seeing yourself grow into a scene veteran rather than a young kid living life for the first time.

Check out the “Disjointed” video below.

Couldn’t Be Better is out August 9.

Zac Djamoos / @gr8whitebison

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