Video Premiere: McKinley Dixon — ‘Sun Back’

Posted: by The Editor

Richmond rapper McKinley Dixon has been one of the most enigmatic presences in the DIY scene over the past couple of years, partially because there aren’t a lot of artists we’ve seen that can do what Dixon does. Combining a socially conscious message with a hybrid of rap and jazz, Dixon has helped to pave the way forward for artists that not only look but also sound like him, forgoing conventional paths for success in hip-hop and instead going his own route and doing things like dropping an Audiotree session and releasing a 7-inch with Saddle Creek.

“Sun Back,” which we’re premiering below, is the lead single off Dixon’s upcoming EP The House That Got Knocked Down, which is dropping on March 17th. The sun-drenched video is hypnotizing, giving Dixon the perfect backdrop to ruminate on his surroundings as the hazy visuals of a car filled with flowers sweep past you like a daydream, offering an ephemeral glimpse of a seemingly peaceful day. Wading through the soulful instrumental with poise and finesse, Dixon gleefully sits atop the pillowy drum beat undisturbed, filtering through the litany of things weighing on his mind.

Stream it below:


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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