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To hear Canada-native Marissa Burwell’s voice is like combatting a dry mouth by taking a long swig of water first thing in the morning. The indie singer is refreshing and goes down cool, and nothing exemplifies that more than her latest track “Scaredy Cat.” Building off of Burwell’s dangerously likable voice and gentle musicality, the song is her quirky retaliation against reoccuring nightmares of intruders that filled her with paranoia. 

In the music video for “Scaredy Cat, she’s able to take a nightmare and transform it into something kooky and playful. Almost Home Alone-esque, the sunny disposition follows three robbers that are hit with different contraptions Burwell has set up around her house. When speaking on the video for the record, Burwell stated, “It was such a fun time to make this music video for Scaredy Cat. When I wrote it, I knew that I wanted there to be a video based on the lyric “my dog will lick you to death, and if that doesn’t do it, I’ve got a bat behind my door” so that’s what we did. What I hadn’t planned was to set off two confetti guns that’s startled the entire neighbourhood and that would take hours to clean up.” 

The music video is fun. It’s lighthearted. It portrays the laidback, west-coast vibe of her persona. And, it shows that the songstress has a definite idea of who she wants to be and who she wants others to see in her work. For her first official effort after many years writing songs of her own and then diving head first into her local scene, “Scaredy Cat” is indicative for even more refreshing projects. In fact, she just got off tour, playing her first shows across the pond and performing at a showcase in Whitehorse and a festival in Montreal. She details the craziness of her first big touring experience by saying, “Within less than three weeks we got to play a show on Reeperbahn, scooter around major city monuments, have our flights changed on us 4 times, sold some CDs and hopefully gained a couple new fans as I have become a fan for multiple new bands. It was all wonderful and magical and I can’t wait to do it again.”

I can promise this is only the first of many times you’ll be hearing the name Marissa Burwell attached to such solid musical output, and quite frankly, we can’t wait. 

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