Video Premiere: Magic Ray Gun – “Leaving The Beach”

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You might know Anderson Ragan from their band Pictures of Vernon, or their band Diva Sweetly, or you might know them for their standup comedy, or their work with their associate Churvel Tragnit, or you might know Anderson because once upon a time they used to write for The Alternative. But then fame and fortune got to their head, so whats next is obviously a family band.

Magic Ray Gun is Anderson’s newest project with their brother, Joel. The psychedelic folk pop duo are releasing their debut EP, Media Sleuth, August 5th with tapes available through Underwater Ally. The band is scheduled to play the 2020 Superbowl.

The Ragan siblings after they unsuccessfully robbed a (blood) bank. Sickening.

The main thing I like about Magic Ray Gun’s music is the words, but I have to say that I also like the sounds. It a nice mix of both, but when you add in some visuals from director Cam Handford, and you’ve really got a stew going. Check out the video for their newest single below.

Henderson Cole | @HendoSlice

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