Video Premiere: Loud Sun—’So Long April’

Posted: by The Editor

It’s honestly hard to believe that April is not only over, but that we’re already in our second week of May. But unlike the sweet and tender April that Minneapolis-by-Oakland musician Loud Sun yearns for in “So Long April,” the 2018 version of the month isn’t one we’ll likely reminisce fondly.  Dragging winter weather and Kanye’s continued descent into the unforgivable aren’t things we’re ready to fasten our graduation goggles for.

Therefore, “So Long April,” which was the opening track on Loud Sun’s 2017 full-length Sea Grave, currently represents a more generalized feeling of nostalgia—its title more rejecting than bittersweet. The song’s video, which we’re premiering below, is a deluge of chromatic static slapped over quick-cut, silhouetted scenes of songwriter Andrew Jansen performing and other unidentifiable figures. Its an ideal accompaniment to the sunburnt, blissed-out nod of the track, which falls somewhere between Ty Segall’s fuzzy ballads and Mac Demarco’s more psychedelic material.

It’s more suited for the pleasant warmth that May’s provided so far. Watch it below:

Sea Grave is available now through Friendship Fever.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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