Video Premiere: Llacuna – “L’altra cara de l’Albera”

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My grandfather immigrated to the US from Spain, and I’ve been lucky to get to go back and visit there many times, so I’ve always had a strong connection with the country and culture. Yet even still, it has been very hard to keep up with the Spanish emo/punk scene because first of all my Spanish sucks, and secondly following underground music from across an ocean isn’t easy. This is part of the reason I was so happy when Conor Mackie started writing for us again with his column, TransAtlantic Trawler, that covers all the best alternative music from the EU, including some truly special Spanish bands.

One of those bands is Catalonia’s Llacuna who draw on emo-punk influences from bands across the world, including Oliver Houston, Sport, Mom Jeans, Macseal, Dogs On Acid and I Love Your Lifestyle. It was awesome to discover that there were musicians across the world listening to our my favorite bands, and making music that rocks just as hard. Ever since Conor wrote about them, I’ve been listening to Llacuna’s album Incendis which came out this March, so I was extremely excited when their awesome label Saltamarges (who has a bunch of great releases lately including Ultimate Frisbee and Shakers), reached out about premiering their new music video!

Below you can check out the new video for “L’altra cara de l’Albera” a song that is a perfect example of the technical instrumentals, group vocals, punk grit, and FUN. The dash of trumpet they include on this track is just thing thing to put it over the top. Its also very cool to see that basement shows around the world aren’t so different after all.

Eric Motjer, the director of the video and producer, wrote to us: “Llacuna are pure intensity, and together with the band we agreed that we had to capture this burst of energy. So we invited friends the day we were filming and we turned a film shooting into a live concert. I wanted to bring the viewer as close as possible to the experience of watching Llacuna live with a realistic approach, at least as realistic as it was before the pandemic when we used to enjoy a crowded basement show. All this combined with a reinterpretation of the story that is behind the lyric, which was real too. 
Like what you hear? You can listen to the rest of Llacuna’s album, Incendis, on their Bandcamp below:

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