Video Premiere: Little Slugger—’The Morning’

Posted: by The Editor

Photo by: Meera Jagroop

On their third album, the Brooklyn via Vermont duo Little Slugger put Vampire Weekend, R.E.M., and the aching fuzz-pop of Radiator Hospital all in one dugout. The band swings at every musical idea that sails into the batter’s box (bombastic trumpet blasts, moody keys, and a near constant array of vocal harmonies) and manages to connect almost every time. “The Morning,” which we’re premiering below, is one of the record’s gloomiest cuts, with ’80s new wave basslines and a muttery vocal delivery during the verses. But it’s simultaneously one of the album’s most rewarding tracks.

Lyrically, the band are singing about a crumbling relationship through the lens of smartphone detachment syndrome, or whatever you’d like to call the way we use technology as a getaway from confronting our real-world issues. It’s a remarkably sad song, and the low-budget animation of its video manages to draw even more sullenness out of its weepy lead guitar lick. Nevertheless, the drums are animated throughout, and there’s a ripping guitar solo that comes in halfway through that’s more Santana than anything out of the indie-rock playbook.

Watch and listen below:

I Want To Live Here Forever is out 7/19 via Bandcamp

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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