Video Premiere: Lee Corey Oswald Play Three Songs Acoustic

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Photo by: Dan Stanton

Back in October, Lee Corey Oswald released their sophomore album Darkness, Together. After taking a few years off from touring and releasing music, they sparked inspiration and started recording something new. Signing to A-F Records and jumping back into the scene, the record discuss themes of maturity and finding oneself.

Much of the content throughout chases the idea of how society expects you to live up to unattainable expectations. Growing up means realizing relationships take time and growth, careers can’t be built overnight, life is a slow burn. In an interview with The Alternative late last year, the group said, “a majority of the themes on the new album try to let the listener know that no one has to buy into what the world pressures them to do, regardless of age.” With a grungy shell and uplifting center, the record is for old punks and young enthusiasts alike.

In celebration of the album, the band decided to slow it down and revisit their roots. In the videos we’re premiering below, the group bang out a couple acoustic renditions of songs from Darkness, Together and a delightful Simon & Garfunkel cover. It sees the punky trio paying homage to their folky beginnings. Make sure to keep an eye on the group, as they plan on doing some smaller West Coast shows before releasing a few more singles later this year.

Until then, enjoy these stripped-down videos:

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Emily Kitchin | @deathnap4cutie

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