Video Premiere: Lazy Legs — ‘Peanut Butter’

Posted: by The Editor

Lazy Legs, the Portland two-piece made up of Laura Wagner and Michael Tenzer, make hazy shoegaze that blends in elements of slowcore, dream-pop, and post-rock. The band is gearing up to release a new album titled Moth Mother this coming January on Wallflower Records, and today we’re premiering the album’s lead single ‘Peanut Butter’ as well as the accompanying visuals.

The song follows the traditional “soft verse/loud chorus” formula, but “loud chorus” is actually quite an understatement here. Soaked in layers of reverb and distortion the guitars on this track are impossibly heavy, cascading down upon you so hard that you can feel them in your chest. I also highly recommend you check out the music video, which somehow manages to capture how simultaneously gorgeous and disorienting the song itself is, as wave after wave of kaleidoscopic swirls wash over you into a sea of bright colors.


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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