Video Premiere: Jump Cut – “Helen and Mr. Chin”

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Michael Mahaffie is a documentary film editor who decided to try his hand at making music under the name Jump Cut. His upcoming debut album, Hazel, came together after a 10 year process of experimenting with sounds and his own voice as a writer of music, rather than as a documentarian.

Jump Cut’s music is heavily influenced by Jeff Rosenstock’s early work under his Bomb The Music Industry moniker, and it carries with it that DIY energy and punk rock grit.

Here’s a short statement from the artist that I think really conveys his passion for creating music for his own personal satisfaction and artistic growth. “I made this record for my own well being and I am happy with it. If 1 person finds something in these songs that they connect to then that for me is just a cherry on top. I hope to record more in the future and release more regularly. The record was recorded in Garageband over a couple years in my spare time. I played all the instruments except for the bass. Anthony Avila who mixed and mastered the record rerecorded the bass because he is a lot better than me at bass. Alex Carrillo did the artwork because he is a better artist than me.”

Check out the video for their debut single “Helen & Mr. Chin” below, and keep an eye out for the release of Hazel on Open Door Records on May 25th.


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