Video Premiere: Julez and the Rollerz – “Wildest Fantasy”

Posted: by The Editor

photograph by Rick Perez

On their EP earlier this year, Julez and the Rollerz answered the question Is This Where The Party Is? by making their own party with an endless supply of huge singalongs, crunchy-but-tight instrumentals, and ripping guitar solos. The record’s title is pulled from the psychedelic ripper “Wildest Fantasy,” which finds vocalist Jules Batterman wondering “oh is this where the party is? In the depths of hell, where all my dreams like to thrive?” during the head-swirling bridge.

Today, the Rollerz dropped a fittingly trippy video for the tune made by artist David Miller. Check it out below and check out Is This Where The Party Is? wherever you stream your music.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

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