Video Premiere: Johnny Manna – “The Glow”

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We’re premiering the first single and music video from Hudson Valley NY based singer/songwriter, Johnny Manna’s new EP, The Glow. Johnny Manna is an artist that has gone through a few different phases. Beginning his solo career during the rise of the acoustic pop-punk wave, Manna has developed from there with each subsequent release, becoming a stronger songwriter by incorporating the strengths of his previous styles into his new music. With his newest release, “The Glow”, the title track from the EP due September 3rd, he’s veered into poppier, more ballad-style songs. The melodies are catchier, and the accenting keys have become more extensive, as evidenced in the composition.

Johnny Manna is a folk/ pop-rock artist from Stormville, New York. He has spent most of his life as a musician and songwriter, but it wasn’t until 2016 when he began taking it more seriously. He has a mindset with his craft that allows him to surround himself with those he can learn from, while always remaining true to his core values. Manna’s optimistic outlook on his art, coupled with the ambition to always improve, has caused it to grow more honest and unique as time progresses, with The Glow existing as a gateway to where the future of his work.

Manna says of the song, “The Glow is about realizing you’ve been caught in a self-destructive cycle, and that realization alone being enough to pull you out of it, finally allowing you to thrive. Certain large problems and obstacles in life may seem to not matter nearly as much as time goes by. Those negative influences, though, are sometimes still necessary for the purpose of improving as a person.”

Check out the video for “The Glow” below, and look out for Johnny’s new EP out September 3rd on your preferred streaming platforms!

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