Video Premiere: Johanna Stahley – “Here Now Evolve”

Posted: by The Editor

Photo by Johanna Stahley

Johanna Stahley’s raw new video for “Here Now Evolve” explores linear growth and is fueled by the memory of a close friend, plus the anticipation of a new album titled Visionary Apothecary. A full-day recording and filming session culminated in the vintage MTV-inspired video while Johanna poured herself into the creative process with twelve straight hours of video editing that resulted in a non-linear exploration of both the song’s development and Johanna’s artistic journey.

Packed with dance, song, and iconic New Jersey settings, the video offers a glimpse into the artist’s creative process as they wear the hats of both performer and director. The video prioritizes raw energy and artistic expression over technical perfection, a mantra that pairs perfectly with the chaotic indie undertones the song itself offers.

“Here Now Evolve” is a deeply personal song born from a difficult time,” Stahley states. “The video reflects that journey, but also the joy and growth I’ve experienced. It’s a testament to the power of creativity and a little bit of DIY spirit.”

Check out the video below.

 Matteo DeBenedetti | @larrydavidsglasses 

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