Video Premiere: Jimmy Montague – “Long Long Lonely”

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Jimmy Montague has the range. As the bass player for Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold—the elastic jazzy emo act whose last album, Lousy, is a high-water mark for the band and the genre—Jimmy gyrated in unbuttoned animal print shirts and tinted sunglasses, keeping it funky in every way imaginable. His solo music has a much more subdued swagger. Taking inspiration from Paul Simon and Simon and Garfunkel, he crafts impeccably arranged, lilting pop tunes and ballads. Around the time of the release of his last album, The Light of the Afternoon, I spoke with Montague about his influences and the classic songwriting that informs his work, which you can read over here.

The live session video for “Long Long Lonely” off his new album Casual Use shows just how far down Montague’s craft goes, stripping the songs back to one voice, a guitar, and a few orange peels on a table. The bones of the song shine, demonstrating once again the kind of deft skill Montague has as a songwriter.

Chillwavve Records has a very limited merch bundle for preorder: shirt, cassette tape, and lyric booklet. There’s only 10 available, but if you’re reading this, there might still be time to grab one. Check out the video for “Long Long Lonely” below.

You can find more Jimmy Montague at the following places:

Chillwavve | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Keegan Bradford | @franziamom

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