Video Premiere: Jeremy Squires – “Into the Fog”

Posted: by The Editor

Jeremy Squires is a prolific songwriter. This single, “Into the Fog”, is from his upcoming 11th album. 11th. I don’t know if I have 11 songs in me. But these intimate, achingly beautiful songs seem to pour out of Squires as easy as water. 

“Into the Fog” highlights Squires’ unique fingerpicking and strumming style, giving his vintage guitar a richer, mandolin-like quality that floats on the air. According to Squires, “this is another favorite from the album. It’s about realizing that you can’t save someone no matter how hard you try if they won’t put forth effort to truly help themselves. It’s about delusions, dreams, and eventually reality shining through like rays of light at the end.The self-directed and produced video really soaks you in that feeling with images of a journey, sun rays peeking through gray clouds and tree branches. We are along for the ride with Squires as his voice flows like a stream, glimpses of beauty piercing the dark.

Hymnal releases October 14th on Blackbird Record Label.

Jami Fowler | @audiocurio

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