Video Premiere: Internet Dating—”Stall”

Posted: by The Editor

Internet Dating is the project of Minneapolis Minnesota musician Deano Erickson. Compared to the breakneck twinkly emo of their MN comrades and labelmates in Granddad, Internet Dating is a much chiller band that makes serene, semi-acoustic pop music. “Stall” is the title track from their upcoming EP (out 6/28) and it’s a beautiful duet with Hannah Weir that features warm hand claps and crackling acoustic guitar plucks. Its video follows the travels of a potted flower between hands, from a snowy park bench to a sun-struck neighborhood sidewalk. It’s a cute story and a gorgeous song.

Watch it below:

Stall is out 6/28 via Brace Cove Records.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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