Video Premiere: High Waisted – “Cereal”

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Photo of the band

Photo By Daniel Topete

Years ago, I saw High Waisted play in New York City and I was hooked immediately. They have a such a fun energy built around their beach punk vibes and warm guitar tones. Their record Sick of Saying Sorry which came out last year was a perfect example of their style and level of talent. Luckily it seems that live shows will be returning soon, so to celebrate the occasion they are premiering a new video for the track “Cereal” today.

The video is exceptionally well crafted and tells an interesting story. It certainly does not have the subject matter you might expect from this band, but it bring the high level artistry and care for detail that they do succeed in so well. Take a watch below and then take a listen to the rest of the record if you had missed it.

Here are some notes from the team that made the video: JB: Jono Bernstein Producer, director of photography. + LL: Lory Lyon Director/Movement Director

JB: This production was somewhat of a time capsule with my grandmother. There’s a lot of pressure to have talent, with no acting or performing experience, star in an art and movement piece. When that shopping cart rolled in the parking lot of the supermarket scene, we knew we aced it.

LL: It’s not every day you get the chance to direct an 86 year old woman! We felt a breath of fresh air the moment we felt her walls and insecurities come down. All we needed was for her to be HERSELF. She wanted this to be a successful shoot just as much as we did! Realizing how committed she truly was to bringing this story to life gave us a sigh of relief. 

LL: I saw the supermarket scene as a way for her to reclaim her life. her power. her joy. instead of allowing herself to eat stale cereal day after day, she went and filled that buggy up in her fancy- ass- leopard fur coat honey—although you still get a taste of her mundane energy.

JB: Whenever I look up at the wood girders, it reminds me that my grandfather built this house. But in recalling all of the long weekends and holidays I’ve spent within these walls, it was my grandmother who has always been the captain. I’ve gotten to know every piece of furniture and trinket intimately over the years, crawled through every nook, run my fingers along every surface. Each room has a persona of their own and stories to go along with them. For better or worse, this house is a castle in my mind. 

If you like what you hear, you can listen to the rest of High Waisted’s album, Sick of Saying Sorry, on Bandcamp and streaming services.

And you can buy vinyl and merch on their webstore.


Henderson Cole // @HendoSlice

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