Video Premiere: Grumpster – “Tunnel Vision”

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Courtesy of Grumpster

Bay area punks, Grumpster, are thrashing their way into to the release of their debut album, Underwhelmed. Out November 8th through Asian Man Records, the group is sharing their newest single, “Tunnel Vision”. “Tunnel Vision” chronicles the rhythmic cycles of living with mental illness. The crushing weight of reality on bad days and questioning your own sanity are only a few symptoms tied to the never-ending pull anxiety can have over someone. Grumpster don’t only face these issues head on, they tackle them to the ground with blunt force, like a high school linebacker trying to impress their homecoming date.

The east bay trio wear their influences on their sleeve when it comes to creating energetic, punk beats; but that’s not to say they aren’t their own entity. While seemingly a bit silly on the surface, they are fierce and passionate at their core. This is reflected effortlessly in the visuals of their newest video as the group is seen goofing around, skateboarding, and playing a live show. Bodies are seen writhing against one another as vocalist, Falyn Walsh, yells, “knocked out, face down, into the ground, what’s wrong with me, anxiety”. Paired with an upbeat yet slightly harsh tone, the track is begging to be sang along to. Pre-orders are now available for the album.

Grumpster is: Falyn Walsh (bass/vocals), Lalo Gonzalez Deetz (guitar), and Noel Agtane (drums)

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