Video Premiere: Greg Mendez – “Goodbye / Trouble”

Posted: by The Editor

photograph by Veronica Mendez

Fans of Greg Mendez’s hypnotic slowburn lofi might notice a subtle shift to the songs on his upcoming self-titled record. There seems to be more of a willingness to cut through the haze here compared to 2020’s excellent Cherry Hell, letting the songs speak for themselves—and they’re great songs that offer plenty to discover on each run through.

Lead single “Goodbye / Trouble” is the first indication of this forward sound, with Mendez’s vocals and acoustic guitar coming through more prominently, even as the electric guitar line adds an unnerving feeling to the track. Lyrically, Mendez runs through a series of snapshots, with couplets like “goodbye, beneath the bleachers / 60 dollars for your metal t-shirt” and “I sold some shit to some shady bros / you took their money but you left me their clothes” sticking out particularly.

“Goodbye / Trouble” comes with a video directed by Douglas Dulgarian of they are gutting a body of water, about which Mendez said “The song to me feels kinda chaotic in a maybe subtle way? Like a bad dream trapped in a 60s pop song. When Douglas and I were talking about what to do for the video I kept using the words ‘hectic’ and ‘chaotic’ and I think he really nailed it.”

Mendez’s self-titled record will be out on May 5th with vinyl and cassettes via Forged Artifacts and Devil Town Tapes.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

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