Video Premiere: Grave Saddles – “Willie Nelson Golfing Dream #3”

Posted: by The Editor

It’s going to be Grave Saddles’ year. Former The Alt editor Eli Enis included the band in “The New Wave of American Shoegaze,” placing them in conversation with fellow country-fried shoegazers Wednesday and Greet Death, and the comparisons aren’t off-base. Grave Saddles’ take on the style is a little less abrasive than those bands, though, really leaning into folk and shoegaze’s more pastoral, soothing tendencies.

On their new single “Willie Nelson Golfing Dream #3,” the first taste of their upcoming There You Ain’t EP, they demonstrate why they deserve to reach the heights those two bands have hit in recent years. It’s a powerful, enthralling track, one that shows off exactly what makes Grave Saddles such an exciting band.

Check out the video below.

There You Ain’t is out May 23 on Really Rad Records.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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