Video Premiere: Glass Mask – “Between”

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Toni Pennello has been around, but with her latest project Glass Mask she’s really come into her own. Although she’s only released three tracks under that name, the Wilkes-Barre based singer-songwriter has really honed her sound with the synth-led solo project. Her latest single, “Between,” has the energy and hooks of a pop banger with the hazy atmosphere of an ’80s post-punk deep cut. It’s a great song–maybe her best yet–and we’re excited to premiere the song’s equally atmospheric video exclusively below.

Pennello shares,

There’s something special about being young and having a pure heart unmarred by heartbreak — you can show love fully and without reservation, and you really can’t get that back. There are a lot of people who look specifically for pure hearts to take advantage of. At best, you’re heartbroken, and at worst you are actively harmed by the person permanently. “Between” is about mourning the loss of naive girlhood dreams of my first love and reflecting on the ways that such a formative and painful experience has stunted me even in adulthood.
I was excited to work on the video with some of my best friends, Gem and Sophia from Prawnhorn Heroes. We took a trip to the craft store to create the set and filmed it in my basement. There’s nothing quite like being creative and making art with your friends. They’re always making cool stuff and I suggest everyone check out their other work.

Check out the video for “Between” now.

Zac Djamoos // @gr8whitebison

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