Video Premiere: Full Body—’Leaf Green’ (Live Session)

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full body

Full Body friggin’ rock. The Rochester, NY quartet dropped one of the best debut records of 2017 (which we premiered here) last fall, and many of those tracks continue to be some of the toothiest, most exhilarating and downright tight pieces of music to emerge from indie rock’s latest crop. The record’s second track, “Leaf Green,” is a solid summation of what’s good on What’s Good? (sorry), with bristly guitar leads, a mucky bass tone, clattering drums and vocalist Dylan Vaisey’s uniquely drawn-out intonations. It’s also got one of those, “wait is that a guitar making that noise?,” moments as its outro. Tom Morello-tier, for sure.

The band recently filmed a live recording of the track at 1809 Studios in Rochester, and they nailed it. Watch it below:

What’s Good? was released on 9/22 via Sad Cactus Records. Check out the full album  here.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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