Video Premiere: Feeny – ‘Spoliation’

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Premiering the video for NJ band Feeny’s track ‘Spoliation (Uncomfortable)’. The band has a straight up rock sound, and this track has a hazy dark feeling to it. Check out the video below, and read a bit from the band about the themes of the track:

Matthew from Feeny wrote a bit about the themes of the track:

The song ‘Spoliation’ is about that moment when you realize that a relationship has no future due to irreconcilable differences of thought. The relationship may not end that moment but you begin to feel increasingly anxious after they espoused thoughts you disagreed with on a visceral level. I’m fairly anti-confrontational in most situations and would prefer to slip silently away from someone rather than make a scene in many cases. I would also like to highlight that the song is not exclusively about romantic relationships however that was the route we pursued with the video. We chose to outline the awkward last days of a relationship fading away before ultimately accepting the end and moving apart. – Matthew Koerner

Spoilation is from Feeny’s album, No Beauty In Routine, which came out last year. You can download it here.

– Henderson