Video Premiere: I feel okay – “Where is my great big glo up?”

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Photo by Hikari Light Photography

Zakariya Houacine, is the talented bassist of Prince Daddy and the Hyena, but Zak is more than that. They’re also the vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for their project, I feel okay. Their new album, climate trauma, is as dark and thoughtful as the name implies. As Zakariya told me about the release:
climate trauma is loosely about the experience of coming to terms with a world that is in the process of ending, the experience of feeling helpless to change that, and how one continues on with that knowledge. The actual term is used to describe the anxiety and depression experienced by scientists whose fields are most directly impacted by the direct influence of climate change, like the dismantling of ecosystems or dying off of a particular species. It can also be used to describe trauma incurred by natural disasters, or a certain type of pretraumatic stress disorder in having an understanding of the impending impacts of this issue will have on humanity worldwide.”
It’s not easy to hold together themes that intense in lofi bedroom pop tracks, but Zak is able to use entrancing instrumentals to pinpoint your focus on the lyrics. The single “Where is my great big glo up?” is a perfect example. While the guitars and keyboards twinkle, Zakariya’s voice cuts through. A psychedelic visual adds to the absorbing nature of the music. These are songs that take your mind places. Check out the video below.

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