Video Premiere: Ditz – “Crudweiser”

Posted: by The Editor

It’s no secret that New Jersey’s local scene has been pumping out some absolutely incredible music recently. In the last few years there’s been a huge rise in quality and quantity of alt rock and various subgenres coming out of DIY spaces and local venues across New Jersey. Wrightstown, NJ’s Ditz are a standout group in this wave. With their debut EP, Same, Same, under their belt, we’re stoked to premiere the music video for their latest singe “Crudweiser”.

Marrying the ferocity of basement punks with pop hooks and a dash of twinkly emo, “Crudweiser” is the perfect anthem for a college students night out on the town. It’s mathy riffs, infectious chorus and relatable lyrics all make it the perfect soundtrack for the plight. However, Ditz offer so much more with this song. It’s incredibly musical and shows a much deeper appreciation of composition and arrangement that offers a fresh perspective to what’s become a formulaic and repetitive genre.

Check out “Crudweiser” below and pre-order their new T-Shirt via Mayflower Collective.  

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