Video Premiere: Dear Spring – “Newspeak”

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Dear Spring’s got a brand of dark pop-punk that manages to stand out these days. It’s a little bit scrappy, calling to mind the desperate energy of Where You Want to Be or the youthful bite of Turnover’s self-titled, and none of their songs display this better than “Newspeak,” off the band’s upcoming Moments EP. It’s a perfect introduction to the band if you’ve never listened before–and if you haven’t, you’ll almost certainly be hearing their name a lot soon.

The band describes the song thusly: “‘Newspeak’ examines self-destructive tendencies and the struggle of expression in an age of extreme polarization. The lyrics from the song were mostly written between March and May of 2020 and were heavily influenced by feelings of frustration and helplessness watching the pandemic unfold and examining the dichotomy of selfishness and selflessness on display in our society during that time.

Check out the video for “Newspeak” below.


Moments is out June 3 via Open Your Ears Records.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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