Video Premiere: Cool Living – “On Tiptoe”

Posted: by The Editor

Cool Living strikes a nice balance in their music. The German three-piece manages to pull from the Americana punk of bands like Spanish Love Songs and Big Loser and fits that into the emo-punk framework of ’90s titans like Split Lip and Texas Is the Reason. It makes for a thrilling combination–in a time when emo can mean everything or nothing, Cool Living throws it back a little bit and creates a sound that feels new.

A case in point is “On Tiptoe,” the newest single off the band’s upcoming debut LP Adult Contemporary. It’s the perfect introduction to the band’s sound–it’s big, it’s booming, and it sounds great, but it also feels like it was meant to be heard in some smelly basement with a bunch of sad dudes drinking PBR. Classic. The video is a hoot, too–too few music videos these days feature full-on knights in suits of armor.

Check out an exclusive premiere of “On Tiptoe” below, and be sure to keep Cool Living in mind for when Adult Contemporary drops at the end of the summer.

Adult Contemporary is out September 2nd on Konglomerat Kollektiv.


Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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