Video Premiere: Cool Cool Cool – “Wait”

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With the nostalgia of sitcom-bit humor on tie-dyed picture day backdrops and the surfy lull of leveled up bedroom pop (ffo: Dayglow, Hot Flash Heatwave) comes “wait” by cool cool cool.

Sweatered-up, Modelo in hand, Dom Maduri set out to create his own music with no band. Amidst the recovery of his studio, toast and jam, from an electric fire a little over a year ago, coolx3 was the product of time in between calls with insurance companies and a musician that felt he wanted to create something with no one else to please but himself. The song came together mostly by Maduri’s own hand—he tracked the guitar, bass and lead vocals—with friends Tyler Sidney (verse harmony), Kaitlin Stark (chorus vox), and Rene Acuna (drums) providing what Dom dubs “extra sauce.” It’s about a questioning pause—is this moment where you’re laughing and reminiscing on near-disasters a gearing up for falling apart, or the moment where things start falling together?



Olivia Keasling