Video Premiere: Club Night—’Shear’

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Photo by: Joanna Samuel

The word “psychedelic” is a trite descriptor for works of art that’re kooky, and colorful, and hard to make sense of. Club Night‘s brilliant debut, Hell Ya, which was one of the best EP’s of 2017, is all three of those things. But whether or not the project was actually conceived of altered mind states, psychedelic isn’t the right word to describe it. It does have a transcendental quality, though, with some passages that make you feel like you’re floating, and others that are so overwhelmingly palpable that the band sounds like they’re climbing out the speakers and playing directly in front of your face—and as loudly as possible. There’s something magical about Hell Ya. Its five songs have a way of communicating with the listener that seems…different.

Their claymation music video for “Shear,” Hell Ya‘s intro track, might reveal their big secret. The cartoonish video provides a mystical backstory to the Eye of Providence, the ominous eye embedded in a pyramid on the back of the U.S. dollar bill. It’s also been the icon for one of the most popular yet far-fetched conspiracy theories of our generation, the Illuminati, which suggests that popular musicians like Beyonce, Eminem and Lady Gaga are being controlled by a secret society of overlords. It’s loony, but maybe Club Night know something we don’t know about its origins; giving them the ability to leave profound effects on their listeners.

Or maybe not. Either way, the video is extremely entertaining, the song rips, and Club Night are one of the most fascinating musical acts to emerge this year. Watch it below:

Club Night are slated to release their debut full-length next Fall via Tiny Engines.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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