EP Announcement and Video Premiere: Cinema Stare – “Feel Like Luv”

Posted: by The Editor

Connecticut’s Cinema Stare has been silent for years–but that’s over now. The five-piece just surprise-dropped a two-song single on Static Era Records, Feel Like Luv / Yr Mind. Like their LP, the tracks harken back to the days of Something to Write Home About and Stay What You Are, a helping of bright, emo-tinted pop-punk.

To celebrate the release of the single, we’re excited to exclusively premiere for video for the A-side, “Feel Like Luv.” Like the single itself, the video is playful and instantly memorable. It hints towards a bright future for the group, whose quirky emo-pop is perfect for the warm months between summer and fall.

Feel Like Luv / Yr Mind is out now.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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