Video Premiere: Charm – “Cherry”

Posted: by The Editor

From Greensboro, North Carolina, Charm is here to issue in a new stage of indie pop. Today they are debuting their new music video for a song entitled “Cherry.” The song opens up with a singular guitar, followed by drums and bass, and finally is resolved with a lead guitar furthering the harmonies created by the vocals. As the band slowly comes together, it begins to perpetuate the feeling of driving with your friends with the sunroof down. There is a sense of bliss that comes from the melody itself that will be hard to match by any other band in the scene currently. 

The video itself also highlights an energy exuded once by Hippo Campus’s Violet, but improved by Charm. While it is not one hundred percent clear, we can presume the woman depicted is, in fact, Cherry, as she sits reading and on the telephone. “Cherry….I wanna know why these days go by super slow.” Whether the days spent with her or without her are super slow, it is clear the singer is infatuated with Cherry. 

See for yourself what is so special about Cherry, and what is so spectacular about Charm; in the music video below. 

Be sure to order some tapes for their new EP, Super Style, coming out with Acrobat Unstable on 10/18.

Jordi Perbtani | @halo2remastered

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