Video Premiere: Caterpillars – “Life in the Long Run”

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Since 2008, Austin’s Caterpillars has been crafting some of the best melodic, spacious emo out there, and somehow they’ve managed to never receive the critical attention that some of their peers have enjoyed. The band’s sound falls clearly in the lineage of records like Diary and Clarity updated to sound fresh and engaging in the 21 century, and their most recent single even features vocals from Mineral’s Chris Simpson. Taken together, the band’s upcoming fourth LP Frontier for the Fallen is shaping up very nicely.

When the band’s latest single, the shimmery, anthemic “Life in the Long Run,” is taken into account, the record seems positively stratospheric, and The Alternative is excited to exclusively premiere the video for the new song below. Caterpillars’ Ben Love shares

“Life in the Long Run” was written during a time where my struggles with anxiety and depression reached a boiling point. Eric (Braun) had constructed this perfectly written instrumental track that we wanted to put vocals on, so I started playing around with melodies for it to try to get out of this head space. I was working on the song and trying to find the right words when I looked at a framed note my wife wrote to me early in our marriage when I was in a similar situation mentally–just filled with anxiety about the future and trying to make big decisions–so this note that was written over 10 years ago to help me through a time of struggle, gave me comfort again when I needed it most. She encouraged me this time to contact a professional for help, and once again was right about it. I wanted to write the song as a way of recognizing the people who help us through our darkest times, and to encourage those who are struggling to both reach out to those closest to them and to get the help they need.

The video is below:


Frontier for the Fallen is out May 6 via Friend Club Records.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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