Video Premiere: Carpool—’Idaho’

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Last year,  Rochester, NY emo/shoegaze/pop-punk conglomerate Carpool dropped their debut full-length, I Think Everyone’s A Cop. It’s full of songs about being a reluctant twenty-something slacker, holding tight to the broad potential of youth while staring into the all-consuming abyss of 9-5 adulthood. I’m not sure where the title came from, but I always thought I Think Everyone’s A Cop captured the anxiety of the in-between: when everyone—from the weird dude trying to bum a smoke off you at the party, to your friend who just told you they’re having a kid—makes you feel irrationally sketched-out.

Sonically, the album embodies a similar sense of paranoia. Tracks like “Local Joke” swing between poppy hooks, twinkly spurts, and barrages of shoegaze. “Close Encounters of the Sexual Kind” sounds like Mom Jeans crossed with Pity Sex, which actually works really well. But the clear standout is “Idaho,” a pop-punk banger a la Prince Daddy & the Hyena or Third Eye Blind. A crunchy, bouncy party anthem with a gooey refrain that’s built to be yelled back.

Salt Lake City label Old Press Records (Proper., Pity Party, Good Looking Friends) is re-issuing the album on 6/11, and in celebration the band made a music video for “Idaho”, which we’re premiering below. It’s an…interesting film that depicts the band cheerfully pounding beers, sucking down cigs, and eventually pouring a jug of milk filled with cigarette ash into the mouth of a suited hostage? It’s an odd one, but it’s worth the watch and the song bangs.

Check it below:

I Think Everyone’s A Cop is being re-released via Old Press Records on June 11. And Carpool will be playing FEST 18 in Florida this year!

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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