Video Premiere: Bruiser and Bicycle—’Casper’

Posted: by The Editor

Albany, NY alt-folk duo Bruiser and Bicycle are like the ambient sound you hear being carried through the trees on a walk through nature. Maybe that’s why their newest release from Five Kill Records is titled Woods Come Find Me, touching on the relationship between society and nature. We’re psyched to bring you the reality-bending music video for their song, “Casper,” off of that record, filmed at DIY venue The Chateau in Albany.

The video shows the two members seated calmly, playing the song, and appearing in front of constantly changing backgrounds. The glitchy, VHS style visuals encapsulate Bruiser and Bicycle’s erratic and unorthodox musical dynamics. This loose form of aesthetic has become increasingly popular with DIY bands in the Capital District, like Jouska, and Hate Club (who the band previously did a split with), but I think that Bruiser have nailed it with their sonic and visual marriage.

The dynamism and frailty of the vocals feels like it balances on the edge of reality and inexplicable space, which has a shifting energy surrounding the members throughout the entire video. Watch it below: 

Woods Come Find Me is out now via Five Kill Records.

Luciano Ferrara | @LucianoRFerrara

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