Video Premiere: Broken Record – “Blueprinting”

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On their debut LP I Died Laughing, Denver’s Broken Record crafted a delightful blend of emo tension, pop hooks, and shoegaze fuzz. On their upcoming sophomore album Nothing Moves Me, out in August on rising emo label Really Rad Records, everything is bigger. The riffs churn with the intensity of waves in a storm, the choruses aim for the atmosphere. There’s shades of alt rock titans like Jimmy Eat World and Superchunk all throughout Nothing Moves Me, with maybe a little more bite and a little more space. Cuts like “Holding Pattern” demonstrate their shoegaze bonafides, a la Narrow Head at their most melodic, while “Runner’s Digest” or “Round 2” veer towards the instability of post-hardcore; elsewhere, the crisp, gauzy pop rock of tracks like “See It Through” and the re-recorded take on “Weightless” help ground the record with the immediacy of Tigers Jaw’s best work. It’s a record any reader of The Alternative should find appealing.

Today we’re excited to premiere the album’s lead single, “Blueprinting.” It’s one of the absolute best songs on the album, one that fans of recent bands like Turnover and Souvenirs will need to hear. It’s a perfect exemplar of their grasp of dynamics, the way they make even choruses wrapped in gauze immediately engaging and memorable. “And I’ll change,” the band chants throughout the song, and if that’s not a rallying cry, what the hell is?

Check out “Blueprinting” below.

Nothing Moves Me is out August 22nd on Really Rad Records.


Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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