Video Premiere: Bill Waters – “Milo and Me”

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Bill Waters is the moniker of songwriter/producer William Smith, a twenty something from New York’s Hudson Valley. Taking cues from ’60s pop music and ’70s easy listening, his songwriting formulas have created an atmosphere of romantic lyrics blended with pop minded hooks. It has the smokey smoothness of the best Arctic Monkeys’ tracks, while maintaining the lo-fi rock vibe.

Today we are premiering his new video for “Milo and Me” off his album Humidwhich came out this past November on Forged Artifacts. The video features a loving adventure between a dude and his skeleton dog. You know, the relateable story that we have all heard before. The fun yet morbid theme of the video fits perfectly with the track. Watch the video below:

You can listen to the rest of Humid on the Bill Waters’ Bandcamp.

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