Video Premiere: Biitchseat – “Bathroom”

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With the purest opening line of 2019 — “At this point in my life I’m looking for the kind of support you find standing in line at the women’s bathroom”— Biitchseat’s “Bathroom” radiates a certain kind of positivity that could only come from a group of best friends. There’s a special type of tone to the track, almost like you can hear each member  smiling behind their instruments, and it’s just as infectious as the wholesome energy the music video is filled with.

Cut between present-day sweetly colored shots of the group are moments of authentic Biitchseat home videos that dig back into memories of college and high school to create the ultimate music video/origin story hybrid. From bowling alleys to backyards, the foursome stays rockin’ out while vocalist Talor rolls through anecdotes with a charm to her voice that perfectly delivers lines like “If I could turn the clock back to the middle of high school, I’d kiss your face and tell you you’re so fucking cool.” That kind of quippy writing is just part of what makes Biitchseat perfect dance-by-yourself-in-your-room music, and in a culture where most people are too shy to unabashedly love something or someone, “Bathroom” is a breath of fresh air.

Take a listen to “Bathroom” below while you watch their newest video creation.

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Olivia Keasling | @residentkilljoy

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