Video Premiere: Avec Plaisir – “Ralph Macchio”

Posted: by The Editor

Avec Plaisir is your new favorite band. They take the best aspects of bands like Gulfer, Pictures of Vernon, or Stars Hollow, blending mathy riffs, gruff vocals, and earworm melodies. They’re all prominently on display in “Ralph Macchio,” the band’s debut single. And, similar to those bands, Avec Plaisir knows not to take themselves too seriously – notice the emoji watermelons that periodically pop up throughout the video or just pay attention to the lyrics. Like all other great math rock anthems, “Ralph Macchio” is about The Karate Kid. Check out the video below.  

I Don’t Really Car is out on October 23 via Really Rad Records

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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